• Focus on Education (Mormons)

    published: 14 Feb 2014
  • Michelle Obama tells young girls to focus on their education, not boys

    published: 04 Oct 2015
  • Real Economy: Indiana needs to focus on education

    USA TODAY and Wells Fargo teamed up to develop research and data on local and national economic conditions and Americans' experiences in today's economy. We will examine the insights from this research in today's "Real Economy" live event from Indianapolis, 9:00-11:00 a.m. ET. Join our guest speaker, Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind. and a panel of local experts as they discuss solutions to pressing economic issues facing Hoosiers. Follow along using #realeconomy. Be Smarter. Faster. More Colorful and get the full story at http://usat.ly/28JQ5KX *************************************************************************** Want even more? Subscribe to USA TODAY's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/USATODAY?sub_confirmation=1 Like USA TODAY on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/usatoda...

    published: 20 Jun 2016
  • Budget Should Have More Focus On Education

    Two former Guild Presidents are saying that the 2017-2018 fiscal package was not a "doom and gloom budget." Makesi Peters, of the University of the West Indies, and Runako Williams, of the Cipriani College of Labour, spoke on Good Morning Trinidad and Tobago and shared their views on what was presented. They looked at the budget from the youth perspective.

    published: 10 Oct 2017
  • Education, not Football? Brazil's Schools in Focus (Learning World S4E38, 1/3)

    Focus on education in Brazil: With social segregation in schools, low budgets for primary and secondary education and limited access to higher education, could shortcomings in educational provision hobble the country's economic boom? MORE on education in Brazil: Universities: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx1O062BOU4 Football passion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mx4x0N_POSY Learning World is brought to you by euronews: http://www.euronews.com/learning-world SUBSCRIBE to get more videos from WISE: http://www.youtube.com/WISEQatar?sub_confirmation=1 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is an international, multi-sectoral and action-oriented platform for innovation in education that connects innovators, nurtures new ideas, and recognizes and supports successful initiatives t...

    published: 16 Jun 2014
  • Lib Dems Focus On Education

    Nick Clegg will put schools pledges at the heart of his party's election message when he launches the Lib Dem manifesto.

    published: 14 Apr 2015
  • Big Story: Focus On Education Pt 1

    For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com

    published: 09 Dec 2015
  • Focus on education

    Focus on education

    published: 30 May 2013
  • Focus on Education over Videogames!

    Richard Dinh stars in a short documentary on the importance of education over videogames. Thank you for viewing!

    published: 01 Nov 2016
  • Focus on Education - 21st Century Education

    From kindergarten through high school, Evergreen Public Schools is making sure students get the education they deserve.

    published: 17 Nov 2011
  • Focus on Education: Dr Amy Gutmann, President of the University of Pennsylvania


    published: 14 Apr 2011
  • Sonia Giusto Focus on Education

    Sonia Giusto Focus on Education

    published: 05 Mar 2012
  • Peruvian Legacy Focus on Education

    published: 26 Mar 2013

    OPEN ME↓ This video is WAY overdue! But I think it's important that it comes out! Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo is sparse and this needs to change. Education holds the key to reducing some of the barriers that the country faces, thus denying young people their education is not only an injustice in regards to their human rights, but also a contributing factor to the slow development of the country as a whole! If you'd like to find out more about Hashtag Congo and how you can help, visit: http://www.hashtagcongo.com/ Twitter: @HashtagCongo Like my vlogs? Well here's more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWXalPIiI6IjRUil_P3WUuXiOItp_pi69 Being At Cambridge Vlogs Series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWXalPIiI6Ig-LcVWQEYrMRtkY0PRN8Q5 All about my hurr/wig...

    published: 21 Jul 2016
  • T.I - Focus On Your Education

    T.I - Focus On Your Education

    published: 03 Jun 2012
  • What will Betsy DeVos’ focus on choice mean for public education?

    Education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos has neither taught nor worked in a school system, but she and her family have used wealth and influence to create more charter schools and champion vouchers. As educators watch her hearing for an understanding of her views, William Brangham talks to Frederick Hess of American Enterprise Institute and Randi Weingarten of American Federation of Teachers.

    published: 17 Jan 2017
  • Focus on Education


    published: 26 Oct 2014
  • Focus on Education

    A close-up look at careers in education and opportunities at Rider. http://www.rider.edu/soe

    published: 29 Feb 2012
  • Why does the Wildlife Conservation Trust focus on Education?

    This video illustrates Wildlife Conservation Trust's (WCT's) rationale for carrying out education interventions in the buffer zone of tiger reserves. WCT encourages the viewers to join us in furthering our reach. After all, an educated and aware population translates into a healthy and safer environment and wildlife.

    published: 17 Feb 2014
  • Two Day Focus On Education and Jobs

    by John MadewellBusiness, education and government leaders take on heavy topics in a two-day meeting focused on education and workforce development. Governor Bill Haslam hosted the Southern Growth Policies Board's 2012 Chairman's Conference at the Chattanoogan.A national keynote speaker told the crowd American teachers are not on par with other countries. But Governor Haslam and North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue said their respective states are poised for the challenges.Marc Tucker, President and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy spoke candidly about the state of the country's education and its teachers.Tucker said countries ranking ahead of the United States have more specialized teachers. "They absolutely insist that their teachers understand the subjects that they...

    published: 25 Jun 2012
  • Focus on Education

    Nationally renowned progressive education reform leader Michelle Rhee emphasizes the role of political leaders in education reform.

    published: 28 Jul 2010
  • Focus on Education: Jean Desravines, New Leaders for New Schools

    Givology 60 Second Lecture Series - Focus on Education - Part of the Ford Focus Global Campaign

    published: 25 Apr 2011
  • Newport Schools Focus on Education - WDFY Edition

    What is WDFY at Newport schools?

    published: 14 Nov 2012
  • Sunrise: Focus on State Of Education In Nigeria Pt. 5

    For more information log on to http://www.channelstv.com

    published: 17 Jun 2017
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Focus on Education (Mormons)

Focus on Education (Mormons)

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Michelle Obama tells young girls to focus on their education, not boys

Michelle Obama tells young girls to focus on their education, not boys

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  • Updated: 04 Oct 2015
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